Monday, June 20, 2011

Author's Note

This blogella, I stress again, is a piece of fiction: blog fiction in fact.

When I first began serializing it (two installments would appear each week) at the beginning of 2011, I had a lot of people wondering if Joelly Schuster, the main character, was actually me, Robin Pascoe, the writer of books for expatriates.

She's not me although she's definitely a lot of people I have met over the years!

And I need to stress this again...I am happily married for 30 years this August. I am not divorced like the main character in this fictional piece of work as so many people seem to think!!!

For me, this was a wonderful creative experiment which I plan to continue by trying to turn it into a menopausal chick flick which expatriates--so rarely seen on the big screen--may also enjoy.

I would like to thank the readers who did read it in the original serialized version. As I would love more people to read it, I spent many many many hours ( does not have a 'reverse chronology' function!) putting this in its correct order, from beginning to end.

So enjoy. And once again, remember: this is fiction. And while it may say this is being posted by Joelly Schuster, she's not real.

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